December 19, 2002

York Region invests nearly $950,000 in human services projects

NEWMARKET York Regional Council today approved the disbursement of $947,000 from its Ontario Works Performance Funds for 14 human services projects, ranging from $8,500 for youth and family counseling to low-income earners, to $200,000 for a volunteer incentive program to help social assistance recipients gain work experience.

"The planned purchase of these services using provincial funding earned by the Region will have a positive impact in all of our local municipalities," said Regional Chair and CEO Bill Fisch.

Since 1999, the province has paid all Consolidated Municipal Service Providers (including York Region) $1,000 for each Ontario Works recipient placed in a volunteer job and who was above the provincially established target. In 2000, York Region achieved 285% of provincial target and earned $962,000 in Ontario Works Performance Funds to reinvest in local human services such as children's services, increasing assistance to vulnerable youth or programs for the homeless. Fifteen thousand dollars was committed earlier this year to evaluate the success of the Homelessness Prevention Program delivered by the Salvation Army.

"This funding is a win-win for all involved," said Newmarket Mayor Tom Taylor, Chair of the Community Services and Housing Committee. "Ontario Works participants gain valuable experience, allowing them to move from welfare to work, and York Region communities receive much-needed human services."

Selection of the projects (see attached list) was based on their ability to meet criteria set out by the Province and York Region's Community Funding Strategy. All also address the Region's Vision 2026 goal of supporting a safe, caring and healthy community, and maintaining and promoting a high quality of life.

York Region will be issuing a request for proposals in the fall of 2003 for further community initiative funding.

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York Region Ontario Works Performance Funds Projects

Project Name Delivery Agent Program Description Program Cost Area Served
Counsel-ling Newmarket/Aurora Family Life Centre

Georgina Family Life Centre

Markham/Stouffville Family Life Centre

Provision of individual and family abuse counseling and group youth anger management counseling to low-income earners and individuals receiving Ontario Works. $17,000





Richmond Hill/





Abuse Prevention York Region Abuse Program Train group therapists, provide prevention workshops, train volunteers and support a high school co-operative program to provide effective presentations that educate students about childhood sexual abuse. $44,000 Throughout Region.
Food for Learning York Region Food for Learning Provide funds for 33 child nutrition programs in schools throughout the region. Food for Learning is run by a committee that includes representation from Health Services. $70,000 33 schools throughout

the Region.

Volunteer Incentive Program Large general merchandising stores such as Wal-Mart, Zellers or Home Depot. Issue incentives in the form of purchase coupons to Ontario Works participants to encourage more volunteer activity in order to increase participants job readiness. $200,000 Throughout Region.
ReStore Project Habitat for Humanity One-time start-up funding to establish a ReStore in York Region to support the home-building activities of Habitat for Humanity for York Region $75,000 To be determined
Training York Region Alliance on Homelessness and Social Isolation To provide six workshops for front line agency personnel who provide services to homeless and at risk clients. $9,000 Throughout Region.
Homeless-ness Study To be determined. To provide a Region wide study of homelessness issues in York Region in order to:
  • Assist the Region in carrying out its strategic planning

  • Enable the Region to make better informed decisions with its homelessness investments

  • Provide the Region with data on current and future homeless populations based on variables such as the economy, transportation, and housing supply.
$75,000 Throughout Region.
Outreach Transitional and Supportive Housing Extend hours of service of housing outreach workers at 3 emergency shelters. $11,000 East Gwillimbury
Books for Babies Community Alliance for York Region Education (CAYRE) All new parents in York Region will be mailed a book for their infant and information about programs and services for young children. This program will improve parents' knowledge of children's services and programs and will promote early literacy. This program is in partnership with Health Services. $9,000 Throughout Region
Youth Matters Ontario Social Development Council In partnership with HRDC and the York Region Youth Advisory Committee, this project will collect and provide information to the community on best practices addressing the educational and employment needs of youth at risk. $30,000



Throughout Region
Early Develop-ment Instrument Partnership with York Region Health Services and School Boards EDI is a checklist that collects information on kindergarten children. It provides a picture of a community to help assess supports required for young children and families and assists in monitoring the changes that new programs make in the well being of young children and families.

This project is a partnership between Community Services and Housing, Health Services, School Boards and the Centre for Children at Risk at McMaster University.

$60,000 Throughout Region
Community Capacity Building and Sustain-ability United Way of York Region Partner with the United Way to develop a project that will give smaller agencies the tools to become more self-sustaining.


$50,000 Available to agencies

From throughout the


Community Develop-ment Canadian Mental Health Association, York Region The Community Development Project will initiate activities in two Social Housing Developments to define and analyze the community's resources and needs, engage the community to build partnerships, and facilitate broad community participation. These activities are essential to promote successful healthy communities in these developments. $105,000 Glenwoods Community

in Keswick and Mulock

Village in Newmarket.



Employ-ment Project Research



Partnership with Planning and Development Services

This project will fund a study to identify and plan for the range of housing types needed to match job vacancies. This will enable employers to attract and keep employees. It will enhance data to create a more comprehensive picture of the connection between York Region's labour force, housing and employment systems. This need was identified in the Region's Housing Supply Strategy. This study will be carried out in collaboration with Planning and Development Services.






Throughout Region




The Regional Municipality of York is committed to providing cost-effective, quality services that respond to the needs of our rapidly growing communities.  York Region is comprised of the following nine area municipalities:  Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Whitchurch-Stouffville.  For more information, visit our Web site at:

Contact: Patrick Casey, Senior Media Relations Specialist, York Region

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